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Muhamarah Dip with Zeitouna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Muhamarah is an Arabic word for Red. This delicious dip is originally from the Levant countires of Syria & Lebanon. It is mainly made  from walnuts &  roasted red  peppers. It’s quiet simple to make and  yet rich in taste, full of flavours and slightly smoky.

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Tabbouleh Recipe

Who doesn’t love Tabbouleh, a healthy & tasty Lebanese salad? When preparing your Tabbouleh and for a superior taste only use fresh vegetables and add high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that is low in acidity, free of chemicals, solvents and additives.

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Lebanese Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a popular Lebanese appetizer and dip, with no Lebanese Mezze is complete without a plate of Hummus on your table. Not only is hummus very easy to prepare, and once you make it you will wonder why you over spent your hard earned money on that little tub of Hummus from the supermarket, which will never taste authentic and the same as the traditional Hummus recipe.

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Labneh Recipe with Zeitouna Olive Oil

Labneh is a traditional Lebanese dish made from Yogurt drizzled with Olive Oil. Every person in Lebanon grew up eating Labneh, especially as a wrap with Lebanese bread & olive oil for breakfast. You can find Labneh in every Lebanese household’s fridge at any time.

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