Top Five Benefits Of Including Extra Virgin Olive Oil Into Your Diet

More and more people are electing to incorporate olive oil into their diets. Though it may be more expensive than most oils, its health benefits are too enticing and proven to just opt for a more affordable oil.

1. EVOO contains good fat, the monounsaturated fatty acids, which is believed to help with the prevention of, and is ideal for people who are suffering from, cardiovascular diseases. Its active compounds can help lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis. People in regions, like the Mediterranean, who regularly consume EVOO have lower mortality for cardiovascular diseases. A 2013 study concluded that supplementing diets with EVOO substantially reduced the risk of major cardiovascular events and is beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Regular consumption of EVOO can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. A 2017 study found that consuming 15 to 20 grams of EVOO decreased by 13%. The Oleic acid contents promote glucose or sugar transport into the cells, which helps regulate or lower blood glucose.

3. Because EVOO contains antioxidants, it can help with the prevention of cancer of inhibition of cancer cell proliferation that’s already in the human body. Oleocanthal is a component in EVOO that was found to cause death in cancerous cells. Researchers have found that Oleocanthal stopped the spread of breast and prostate cancers cells, as well as melanoma cells. Oleic Acid was also discovered by researchers from the University of Edinburgh to help prevent “cancer-causing genes from functioning in cells and may help to prevent cancer developing in the brain.”

4. EVOO contains brain-protective antioxidants called Polyphemus. These Polyphemus protect neurons from injuries and can promote stronger memory and cognitive functions. In addition, it Oleocanthal also plays a key role in suppressing inflammation not only to the brain, but in other areas of the body where in chronic inflammatory diseases may dwell as well including degenerative joint diseases, cancer, heart diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

5. EVOO also contains Vitamin E, which is essential in keeping your skin healthy and elastic. Whether consumed or applied to skin topically, it helps protect the skin from premature aging. Healthy skin also means healthy liver. Research has shown that EVOO’s poly-phenol protect the liver from oxidation stress.